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5 Things I Would Do Differently After Finding Out I was Pregnant

The moment I saw two pink lines, one of the first thoughts that rushed through my mind was, “How am I going to tell Ian?” Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, child, shoes, outdoor and nature I hopped online and did a quick pregnancy announcement search, trying to find a cute way to share the news to him. Reality hit me pretty quickly, I am not a Pinterest wife and more than likely will not be a Pinterest mom; I could hardly say it out loud without crying, there was no way I was going to be able to put together some elaborate craft, game or personalized onesie telling him he was going to be a daddy. With that being said, here is a list of five things I would do differently after finding out I was pregnant with baby number one.

  1. Don’t feel pressure to make your announcement “Pinterest Worthy” You don’t need a personalized coffee cup, onesie and film crew recording everyones reaction. If you are into that kind of thing then by all means, please do, I love watching those videos and will totally celebrate with you! But if you are anything like me and your mind is racing a million miles an hour and you can’t keep your hands from shaking then please know the pressure to be Pinterest worthy is all in our head! You don’t have to impress anyone.
  2. Try avoiding the baby aisles as much as possible! When I found out I was pregnant with baby number one, I was living in Texas and let me tell you, people down south love celebrating mommas to be with all things baby. I still have bottles of baby shampoo left from my baby shower TWO YEARS AGO!
  3. If you plan on having multiple children, try registering/buying gender neutral baby gear. Things such as a pack and play, baby carrier, swaddling blankets, carseat, stroller, sleep sacks, bottles, high chair and anything of that nature. I would even go as far to say buy gender neutral newborn clothes, they are only in them for a few weeks and the clothing is only getting more and more adorable.
  4. Maternity clothes don’t have to be expensive. My due date was at the very end of April, living in Texas that means mid 80’s ever. No one told me how long you wear maternity clothing after you have a baby. Had I known beforehand, I would have bought a few more maternity bottoms for myself instead of trying to hold out buying clothes for a new season. Also, if you have ever wanted to try a capsule wardrobe, pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to start! Check out sales online or if you live by a local consignment store check them out to see what they have! Used maternity clothes are generally in really good shape because they aren’t worn for very long.
  5. Its okay to not take everyones advice. Maybe its the glowing skin or growing bump but theres a good chance you will have flocks of friends, family and complete strangers coming up to you and bombarding you with questions and/or advice. I genuinely believe they have pure intentions but it is okay to give a diplomatic answer and/or let what they say go in one ear and out the other.

If you are reading this and pregnant, congratulations!! I hope you are able to rest well and have lots of energy! If you know someone who is overwhelmed with pregnancy or trying to get pregnant, feel free to share this blog and see if it helps. So tell us seasoned mommas, what would you add to the list?

Thanks for following along,

Momma Haf

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