Best Breastfeeding Tools

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come natural to everyone and that’s okay! Whether you are are rookie when it comes to breastfeeding or seasoned pro, here are a few tools to help you better achieve your goals!

Silicone Suction Milk Saver

If you find yourself to be a leaky nurser or have an oversupply, this is one of the top products I recommend you trying. Especially in the first few weeks of regulating your supply. This was a life saver anytime we left the house and I would start to feel engorged, or in the middle of the night when my supply was the most yielding; wake up, nurse baby on one side, suction Milk Saver on the other side and Voila, milk to put in your freezer stash!

Breast Shield Milk Saver Cups

This product also serves as a milk collecting tool but can be worn between feedings to help relieve sore, cracked nipples. Instead of suction power like the last product, there are vents on the top of the shield to help circulate fresh air and promote healing while relieving friction due to engorgement. In my experience, this product isn’t nearly as affective at collecting milk HOWEVER, if you are a momma who wasn’t able to nurse due to the tenderness that occurs in the beginning OR have inverted nipples, THIS PRODUCT IS YOUR GAME CHANGER!

Milkies Milk-Saver

The most expensive item I will be adding to the list but the one you will get the most use out of. Now that I have an established milk supply anytime I nurse my little guy during the day, I am wearing this. It collects every drop that would normally drip into nursing pads during a feeding. If I am going to a baby shower and know the mothers feeding preferences, this is my go to first!

Within the first two months of having Davis, with the combination of these products I had a hefty freezer stash built up without pumping. After my first experience nursing, adjusted my goals to be more realistic and put less pressure on myself. My little guy is six months now and I have been able to donate over 800 ounces of milk while still keeping plenty at home.

If you’re having difficulty keeping up supply, there is a plethora of lactation inducing snacks. Let me know if you want a post over which ones I recommend and recipes for ones I use regularly!

Lots of love,
Momma Haf

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