Rhythms and Routines- Part 1

Motherhood is overwhelming, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. It’s easy, especially in the repetitiveness of day to day life to fall into the rout of letting things happen as appose to taking charge and getting things done. So for the sake of “owning your year” and giving our resolutions the reboot they need, we are going to start a little series one rhythms and routines. To kick it off, we are going to begin with an evening routine. Sounds a little backwards doesn’t it? I am convinced a good day starts with a smooth morning and a smooth morning begins by planning ahead!

Right now, I am a mother of two under two which means there is ALWAYS something to do. It did not take me long to realize; no matter how long you try to keep your kids up, they will wake up with the sun. So you as well put them down early, right? We have a strict 7pm bedtime which gives my husband and I some much needed alone time once they go down. As soon as the kids are down, before we sit down we get dinner cleaned up. After we have finished tiding up, we begin prepping for the morning. For us, that looks like setting out clothes for everyone to wear the next day, getting cups of milk ready to grab out of the fridge in the morning, presetting the coffee pot and collecting all the dirty clothes throughout the house. By doing these simple things, we are able to jumpstart our mornings and set ourselves up for a slower, smooth rhythm in the morning and for the rest of our day.

The internet likes to make you believe, if you do “this, that and a little more” or buy this one thing, it will make your entire life easier. I’m here to tell you, its a lot simpler than that! You don’t need to buy anything to start. Just evaluate your mornings and see what area is causing you the most frustration. Do you always feel rushed trying to get out the door with kids? Set jackets, coats and backpacks out the evening before. Struggling to eat a healthy breakfast? Set yourself out a banana and peanut butter so you don’t default eat something full of sugar that will leave you hungry an hour later!

I hope you’re able to find something that works for you. Make sure to stop back by next Tuesday as we continue this series. 

Lots of love,

Momma Haf

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